Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How to use (Download torrent files using IDM)

What does use? 
Torrent can do now download through (IDM) Internet Download Manager. Yes thats true. you know how?
Here are the steps:

1. Choose a torrent site that u want (ex,, and etc) then search k na gusto mo torrent. For example “water for elephants”  movie

2. Choose torrent you want to download


4.Go to 

Then in upper right corner of the page "SIGN UP" (create account username password then confirm from your
 email.) after that, log in using email and your password or sometimes you will be directly log in after the 

5.Paste the link that you copied on  box  and then click GET

6.then you will see on the nxt page on the right "INNITIATE BItTORRENT TRANSMISSION",   click it.

7.Then you will see the breakdown of your torrent. Choose the movie or games or whatever it is, never choose
 to download as zip file because it is for below 100 mb only.  So in image you will see the half partition torrent file 
of the movie (picture of file and in name). So start clicking the movie like for example at the box below,  the 
1.12 GB is the one you will click because thats the movie file. You can download the parts seperately also and 
then click it.

8.(IDM) Internet Download Manager will pop up or whatever downloader you will use. Then start Downloading and youre done.


1.There are some torrent that are not allowed in torrific,  so do you know how to figure out if it is not allowed? "Initiate bittorrent" will not appear. 
2. There are available already but you need to wait for 2 to 3 hours.  Sometimes when it is ready to download. 
You will see at last page before you start download that the file that you want to see if you go to home "the file 
is only QUEING" then if it is ready, the status will be available..
3. Sometimes the server of is down thats why our download will stop.  Just to  try resume it or some other time..

If isn't working try this zbigz instead:

Here are the link: Zbigz


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