Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How to download Torrent using IDM?

What's New in

It is Fast caching.  Ready for download as soon as posible.

Compatible for IDM with resume capability.


Try this: 

A trick if you dont get resume capability :
first click free download [open in a new tab]
--- you will get an error telling that some sites doesn't allow.....

then again click free download
--now it will download your file[resume capability- Unknown]

now..cancel your download an again click free download..
--now you have resume capability.. 

Virus detected on my  Eset Nod32,  What shal I doano gagawin ko?

For those Eset Nod32 4 users. Add it on http active list, the address of download link like that on above link. If it stop or cannot download,  It will get another download address.  Then add to your active list again on Eset,  your new adress  that you got.

Why I can't resume?  well for those who can't resume, here is the steps:

1. Dont delete the file
2. Go to and proceed to your 'My Files'.
3. Click the download link of the file file that you want to resume.
4. Dont click 'start download' if it is prompt to IDM
5. COpy the URL then paste it on your old file that you are downloading.
6. Go back to your first file using IDM then Right click and Choose Resume Download
7. If it is still not downloading, dont delete the file if it is 90% already, try my tips again some other time or the other time, because sometimes it might their server is down are the reason..

Why bad gateway, slow caching, site are down, etc?

As of now,  gateway timeout is normal,  sometimes there are downtime for the reason of more user. There are posted comments that will change port. If you encounter like that, try the tips again. And if it still not working, try  some other time. Working pa din naman hanggang ngayon. 

Here are the limitations of

"Due to high loads, ZbigZ is currently unavailable in your region..."?
Try to use vpn, cgi proxy, tunneling application, etc, or try to change your lport on other working ports.

How to download faster even if I am a free user only?

If you want to make it fast, go to file properties of IDM. Make sure this is the adress look like at first "http://r5.btgate..." if that is r3 or r4 only,  you'll have a hard time to resume the download speed are too slow.

Try to choose the file that has so many seeds,  and upload it on zbigz so you can get r5.  It is more tricky than torrific.

Is it compatible to HSS, Expat or any other VPN's?
Yes it is compatible!

Where to get torrent files?

 You can get it at ,, and many more. 


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